Here at REOH, heels are optional (but not absent)


“Ms. Thorp…helped spur a popular revolt in Britain after she started a petition calling for a law that would prevent women from having to suffer from what she considered outdated and sexist dress codes at the office. In her case, she had been told that her shoes needed to be a minimum of two inches high.”

Woman’s revolt against high heels – NYTimes

And she succeeded.  We thought this one was an interesting side note to work place safety, although the point is more about freedom and respect.  We got curious about how, exactly, heels affect the musculoskeletal systems (yes, we are nerds, but you already knew that).  If you are curious too, here is what we found.  It isn’t looking good for Anya and her shoe collection.

The risks include:
1. Damage Toe Nails (L60.0)
2. Worsen Bunions (M21.61)
3. Increase Knee and Hip Pain (M25.569 & M25.559)
4. Increase Your Risk of Osteoarthritis (M15-M19)
5. Muscle Pain and Spasms (780.96 & 728.85)
More at

“There are ways to minimize the risk of injury.
Stretching – To stretch lower leg muscles, use a towel to pull your foot towards you for 30 seconds.
Strengthening – Use a theraband to strengthen the big muscles of the lower leg and ankle. Use the theraband to resist the ankle as it pushes up, out and in
Standing toe raises – To work the smaller muscles of the leg, put small objects on the floor and use your toes to pick them up.
Balance – Stand on one limb at a time, holding position for 30 seconds.”
More at

Some high heel stats

And…strangely enough, there is no ICD-10 code for injury by high heels, they do cover cleats and heelies (rolling shoes) though.

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