Beware the Dress Code

Some are taking this veeerrrryyyyy seriously.  And then there’s us.

Below is the Abstract for a study that was published in Neuroradiology by Robin Lüddecke, Thomas Linder, Julia Forstenpointner, Ralf Baron, Olav Jansen, and Janne Gierthmühlen [it took 6 of them].

[It’s annotated, if that wasn’t clear]


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Negative cerebrovascular [adjective relating to the brain and its blood vessels] effects can be expected by compressing jugular veins and carotids [otherwise known as strangulation] by a necktie.  It was already demonstrated that a necktie increases intraocular [in the eye] pressure. In many professions, a special dress code including a necktie and a collared shirt [not to mention heels] is mandatory although little is known about the effect of this “socially desirable strangulation.” [Who are they quoting?!]


In this study, the effect of wearing a necktie concerning cerebral blood flow [CBF] and jugular venous flow by magnetic resonance imaging. Thirty volunteers [i.e the authors’ Facebook friends] were divided in two groups. One underwent MRI [do take your nose ring out first fellas] with necktie, the other without.


The examination resulted in a statistically significant decrease of CBF after tightening the necktie (p< 0.001) while the venous flow did not show any significant changes.

[Loosen your necktie?  Also you should also watch out when crossing the street.  Is nowhere safe anymore?!]

It appears that wearing a necktie leads to a reduction in CBF.

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[For the true tie-haters, here’s some ammo for your chat with HR.]

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